Spot it -  What is happening right now?

Stop it - once we are aware of what is actually happening and notice the triggers, we can interrupt the pattern

Choose - through NLP, we generate choice and alternatives ways of thinking and doing


It is the stories we tell ourselves which cause the blocks or the support to our own personal progress.


We each have the power of choice, the power to control how our lives are carved out.

Often children, and then the whole family system, can adopt unhelpful behaviours and thoughts.  


At times, each person's way of getting what they want may mean the rest of the system is thrown into unhelpful patterns.   Sometimes we just don't know another way to communicate or ask for what we need help with and so we fall into a pattern of what may look like stress, anxiety, moods.


 Underneath all behaviours there are thoughts and beliefs and I help to uncover these internal messages and my clients can then generate alternative ways of being.  

In families, just as in a garden, we all need room to grown whilst supporting the rest of the ecosystem.


My background is in counselling, NLP, CBC and educational work, as a coach I can help you.

Wherever you are in the world, I can help.  Face to face, via Zoom or on the phone, I work with clients in all sorts of locations and would love to help your family become the most beautiful garden.



"Jess adapts her style to the mood and topic, there is lots of talking, laughter and some strange noise heard within the sessions!!!  She uses props – in our case lego and drawing (both things our Son enjoys) - to explain and build on their conversations. 

Jess has made such a positive influence on our family and our thanks don’t seem enough "


What the clients say:
"The impact on my life is huge. It amazes me how it takes the right discussion with the right person who is switched into what to look for and prompt the right questions to essentially unlock what I know to be true but allow myself to block this out and become an expert at convincing myself I'm not good enough or I don't know what the answer is when deep down I do. This takes a lot of training and skill in which Jess has clearly put in the effort, is switched into people and is clearly very passionate about."

At the core of my way of working is the fundamental belief that we all have the power of choice, that we are responsible for how we perceive the world and that we can all find our own answers. 


I believe there is a reason for the choices we make, the emotions we feel and the resulting achievements we make. 



As a cognitive behavioural coach and NLP master practitioner,  I work in a wide variety of situations and with different types of coaching:

o   Parenting

o   Children's stress and anxiety

o   Effective communication

o   Coaching in education

o   Changing stress and anxiety into helpful habits

o   Health and lifestyle

o  Relationship challenges and breakdowns

o   Mindfulness training

o   Managing others

o   Group and NLP training



How Can I Help You?


Together we work it out