Can you imagine being given skills to make useful choices and to empower you from an early age?  To learn more self-awareness, an understanding of how the human mind and how your unique mind works right from the start?

Has your child ever had moments when you just don't know what's going on, times when you put it down to their age.  Partly, you may be right, and partly it is really helpful for them to understand their more unconscious desires more competently.

Take a teen who shouts 'I just want to be alone'.  Likelihood is that they don't want to just be left alone, they may want space as they are feeling frustrated that they are not able to make some of their own decisions, be listened to more, have some attention.  Neither the parent nor the child understands the deeper meaning and so stale mate results.

Education is the single most important factor in the development of all humans.  Formal education and the informal situations which go on at home and socially.  

As we know, there is such a focus on education and qualifications in our contemporary society, at times we have lost sight of the bigger picture.  Even more important than learning to pass exams and specific skills for a job is to do what has been termed metacognition - learning how to learn. This step forward is a welcome new focus with emphasis on working things out laterally, logically and independently.

However, we are still forgetting that most students are still missing a piece of the happy, healthy, achieving puzzle - the WHY behind what we are learning.

Without this piece of the puzzle, what results can be: nagging from parents, pressure all around, feelings of inadequacy and a feeling of disempowerment, puzzle pieces in disarray.  So what can we do to eradicate these feelings and embed skills for life?

  • control of emotions

  • motivation

  • independent thought and learning

  • effective communication 

Coaching is the key.

Students I have worked with have presented with all sorts of issues like anxiety in exams, school absence, peer pressure, bullying, unhelpful behaviour in the classroom, entrance exams, difficulties between parents and children's communication. Through coaching we find a belief behind the presenting 'problems' and can then work on these.  

The result: huge change, different beliefs, choice, independent study, helpful and more harmonious relationships at home and at study.  

Often we turn to tutors to help with particular academic challenges, this is perfect for specific skills, coaching is the next level. Coaching will provide you or your child with wider skills and knowledge about themselves. 

I love nothing more than helping young people to uncover their patterns and their choices for two reasons:

  • earlier on in their lives, young people are so receptive and make changes very quickly

  • I believe that this is the key stage to eradicate unhelpful thoughts and beliefs about oneself, it leads to such a productive and healthy life when you are given the tools of self awareness and drive from the start.

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