Passion to Inspire Others

'The Map is not the Territory' is a presupposition of NLP.  This mean that the way I see the world, the way I filter the sensory data around me is very different to the way any other unique human does. In my work with clients, I use their language and their representation systems to uncover how they have drawn their maps and which road blocks they are encountering; once we find the blocks, some choose to remove them and some choose a totally different route. I have watched people change their patterns and beliefs and move into new territory with new resources.  

My belief is that, until we uncover, understand and vocalise our beliefs, patterns and strategies, we cannot begin to change them.

My coaching is not about simply setting a goal, it is about understanding why that goal is there in the first place.  This knowledge makes the difference between moving forward to achieve the life you want and a short term fix.


I have spent most of my life in education of one sort or another; a student, a teacher, a trainer, with all ages, with all abilities and recently, I have been working with Senior School leaders and training them in Successful Difficult Conversations.  It is a privilege to work with the this number of people from all walks of life and has given me insight into the very unique stories we bring to life.  So many people have touched my heart. I work with compassion, believe that:

  • we have all made the best choice for us at a given moment and, even when it is unhelpful, it is still a choice;

  • every behaviour has a positive intention and it is only when we understand that positive intention that we can find alternatives;

  • you are unique and therefore it is my job to get behind your language and behaviour to see how you see the world, then we can begin the change.

My own life has undergone so many changes and the ability to listen, hear and reflect on what I am aiming for has been invaluable.  

My coaching work has covered: personal and career development, executive, time management, stress management, health, adolescence, relationship and many more. With a counselling background, along with many years of teaching both adults and children. My training led me to learning about NLP and I trained with one of the co creators of NLP, Richard Bandler and under Peter Freeth. With very different approaches and yet with the same foundation that change is totally possible and under our control.

Qualifications and Certifications
  • NLP Master practitioner, Genius learning

  • NLP practitioner, NLP Life

  • First Aid for Mental Health trainer, Nuco training

  • Person Centred Counselling certificate - Mary Ward Centre

  • Cognitive Behavioural Coach - Centre for Coaching


"During her (Jess') sessions I could actively realise what I really wanted to happen on my life. She helped me go through the muddle that was stuck in my head bring up, tease it apart and come up with a tangible realistic way forward." 

Coaching Client