Dear Jess, I think you've got a sixth sense, you came with an innovative solution well in advance of even me knowing what I wanted or needed. You have also offered me a gift for life, a simple and ingenious solution to overcome bereavement linked to my personal anxiety. The walking meeting with you has been effective in so many ways and it proved to be exactly what I needed to make steps to feeling stronger and better! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Maria

My boys and I first met Jess in lockdown when we signed up for an on-line lockdown course.  We were so blown away by Jess’s delivery we ended up completing 3 with her! 

Her delivery style was fantastic, the explanations were clear, the challenges were thought provoking – not afraid to drill down thoughts and the impact for us was life changing. 

We were so impressed that we ask Jess if she would work with our Son who has been diagnosed with anxiety due to being bullied at school.  He finds it very difficult to talk about himself but within the 1st session he had started to communicate!!  After 2 sessions he was opening up and sharing his concerns – as a family we were so relieved and grateful. 

Before Christmas we started to see our confident Son emerging from his protective shell and it was amazing. 

Jess adapts her style to the mood and topic, there is lots of talking, laughter and some strange noise heard within the sessions!!!  She uses props – in our case lego and drawing (both things our Son enjoys) - to explain and build on their conversations. 

Jess has made such a positive influence on our family and our thanks don’t seem enough. 


"Jessica really helped me take a tough life-changing decision. How? She listened keenly to whatever I had to say and drew insightful observations that helped me to see things I hadn't seen before. Thanks to her inputs, I could connect the dots of feelings and thoughts that seemed to be all over the place. She was hugely practical and down to earth in the way she encouraged me to tackle the issues I was dealing with, with a view to taking productive action and decisions. Perhaps most importantly, Jessica took the sting of guilt out of the process, and prompted me to envision what life might look like post-decision, what was it I wanted. All these elements of her approach, and many more besides, made her support invaluable. Thanks, Jessica!" Anon, Europe

"I chose Jess to coach me after being recommended locally. I looked up the Breaking Down Walls website and was impressed by the links to cognitive behavioural coaching and being an NLP master practitioner. This struck me as exactly what I required after receiving more work based coaching via my employer previously.

The impact on my life is huge. It amazes me how it takes the right discussion with the right person who is switched into what to look for and prompt the right questions to essentially unlock what I know to be true but allow myself to block this out and become an expert at convincing myself I'm not good enough or I don't know what the answer is when deep down I do. This takes a lot of training and skill in which Jess has clearly put in the effort, is switched into people and is clearly very passionate about."

SL, Herts

"Thank you for life coaching me Jess,

You helped me figure out my problem and try and find a solution

I’m not a very open person, but you have really helped me get a few things off my chest.

To this day I have a better understanding with my GCSEs and  how I shouldn’t stress too much about them.

I cannot thank you enough for your help and I really will  recommend you to others with similar worries and queries about life in general

It’s great that you not only help people of the older generation  but of the younger ones too."


Anon, Herts


"Thank you  for giving me the skills and the tools to achieve my goal. Working with Jess has enabled me to achieve a variety of action points which I now feel I have more control of. Very empowering."

Emma Parlow


"During her sessions I could actively realise what I really wanted to happen on my life. She helped me go through the muddle that was stuck in my head bring up, tease it apart and come up with a tangible realistic way forward."



"Thank you so much for today.  I really found it helpful to just clarify the situation and also have time to think about what I really want to do and don’t want to do.  So I feel much better about the situation."



"I have known Jessica for number of years now. She teaches my children Spanish, she is very active in the local parish and as a governor in a local primary school. I always found her a positive, engaging, person with a lovely smile, full of life and fantastic communication skills. I was delighted to find out that she decided to complete a course in ‘cognitive psychology’ and become a life coach. For the last 2 months, I have been attending ‘life coaching’ session with Jessica. Each meeting gave me an opportunity to learn more about myself, create an environment which enabled me to understand my strengths and limitations. Each session was also a good moment for ‘reflection’, particularly in relation to my family life as well as my journey as a former councillor, community activist and a charity worker. Jessica helped me to develop new skills and techniques which will positively impact my working life e.g. how to prioritize or delegate effectively. Jessica’s approach and attitude are second to none. I would highly recommend her service to anyone. She has an amazing gift to work with people who want to ‘re-discover’ themselves."

Michal Siewniak

"I had a conversation with Jessica today about a current problem and I was impressed how she changed my perspective of the situation in a few minutes just by talking it through . She had a very pragmatic approach to my problem. I would highly recommend Jessica. Thank you."


Cesar Marmolejo

"You listened to me not to repeat what I have said to you, but to understand my emotions, behaviours and situation I am in.  You have great empathy.  You are clever and professional - I really mean it. I have good feelings that working with you will help me understand myself and find solutions to my mindset and confidence."