Being brave

Today, I am being brave. I have put off creating my own coaching website for a long while, preferring instead to sit as an associate on other sites with my colleagues. Today I:

-decided to be brave: I decided to invest in myself and ask for help.

-decided to take my bravery from my clients who have struck out and taken risks.

-put my self on the stage (or web at least) and open myself to whatever that may bring.

-invest time, energy, thought and confidence in my own ability.

-lead by example as a mother, a coach and a friend by following what I want to do.

-see a much more 'possible' world.

It has been so easy for me to stay in my 'safe', in my normal and very comfortable life and yet there was something that was nagging at me and I know that I want more fulfilment in my work and I want to share what I know. I do want to make a difference to people's lives for them and for me.

I find it uncomfortable even to write those last lines but I am also truthful. I like to share my skills and I have spent a lot of time, money and effort into gaining them. Therefore, instead of being guarded, modest and unambitious, in finally creating my coaching website and writing this blog, I am being open, proud and ambitious. It feels good.