Patterns, patterns, patterns

Working with clients one to one, I often hear the repetition of a pattern of behaviour. In various ways there is a repetion of the same story under different titles each time: at work, at play and; in relationships.

All too often, nay pretty much most of the time, the same habit we wonderful humans have repeats itself. We have a modus operandi and we replicate it in different settings. The thing is, due to the context of a problem, we fail to see that the behaviour is actually the same, just with different wording and examples around it.

So what can we do?

Well the first step (and I am a tad boring when I say this again and again), is to become aware of what the heck we are doing. Using coaching, counselling, mindfulness etc, an awareness can be achieved. Once you know the pattern or problem, intelligent beings as I believe we all are, can easily work out a plethora of options and potential actions to take. The biggest hurdle is finding that pattern, that truth, in the first place.

Easy…… should be, unless you are so practised in your pattern that your unconscious mind is so clever at protecting you that it lies! Now, there’s our next story…….