People in Crisis

As Coronavirus takes control of our lives more and more, I am noticing a trend which is emerging. That trend, a need for the human being to seek a purpose, a rationale, a role and, in turn, to find security.

During more ‘normal’ time, when you look around society, what is the most uncertain thing we face as a race? Death. And so, what methods do we find to cope with that. Of course you have religion and if not an organised religion, we have other movements like the energy of the universe, the science of evolution, reincarnation, rebirth, quantum physics. Whatever your substantive belief, you are likely to have one even if it is that you have no belief, you still have a belief.

We strive to makes sense of the world and in our current, virus-stricken world, we are doing the same. I have read countless times and have had umpteen conversations about the ‘greater good’ which will arise from this situation. The age of Aquarius, the world taking its revenge and re balancing, we will all re-evaluate what is important after this etc.

What is for sure is that everyone, or at least all of my clients and my nearest and dearest, is searching to make sense of what is going on, searching to make a plan of action for when it is over.

More recently and a month

into shutdown in the UK, more and more of the voices I am hearing are beginning to make plans just for today. There is a normalising of the abnormal, a new routine and in that there is a safety and security. For many, actually staying at home is a security and certainty in itself: you know your home and you know what you can control within it.

My question is whether this sense of control and security is a result of the modern world or a true human need. I have the impression that it is the latter. I would love to hear your views.