I was at an old school friend’s new house recently and was amazed at how similar it was to her house growing up. This shouldn’t have surprised me as the house she had before this was almost a carbon copy of the childhood home. Then I began to notice how many homes and gardens are reminiscent of the places we grew up. Mine too.

Although my house is not physically designed in the same way as Eversely Park Road, how I organise it is: the amount of ‘stuff’ (lived in but not overcluttered), the way I have designed the garden beds to be a mix of whatever I fancy with some functionality – just like my mum and dad did, the type of kitchen equipment I see as essential and the number of luxuries I allow myself.

And of course all of these patterns are also present in the way I live in a behavioural ways as well ‘You sound like your mum’, ‘don’t speak with your mouth full’, ‘we should keep the house tidy’, need I go on?

I see it time and again, a seeking out of the familiarity of childhood memories. It’s sweet in lots of ways, depending on whether or not your upbringing was a happy one and often even the less desirous thought and behaviour persist.

It’s interesting at least and, at most, the awareness brings choice; it brings a recognition that I am no longer a child and that I stand on my own two feet; makes those familiar choices if I want to and deviate if something else inspires me.

What is your house like?