Coaching - an alternative to tutoring and a life long skill

I’ve both coached and tutored so many children and young adults over the years and, although both are effective, they are distinct. In a nutshell, this is what I have found the difference to be.

Does it work?

Coaching - Yes

Tutoring - Yes

What is the result?

Coaching - Client leaves with tools to do it themselves

Tutoring - Client leaves with specific skills

Is there long term retention?

Coaching - Yes

Tutoring - Yes but if being tutored for exams, not so much

Are the skill transferable?

Coaching - Completely

Tutoring - Only if you learn how to teach it yourself to others otherwise...

Does the student take responsibility?

Coaching - Yes

Tutoring - Not as much

Does the practice make independent individuals?

Coaching - Yes

Tutoring - Not necessarily

Would I recommend it?

Coaching - Yes

Tutoring - Yes

Tutoring definitely works, especially if there is a key area of work or some academic theory which is proving troublesome.  However, I would argue that, if a child is normally able to learn but has a particular block to one subject in particular, they are probably blocking themselves in some way. 

If I am able to learn a language, then I am able to learn music, maths, English, philosophy.  However, when I initially found this to be tricky, I may have made up stories surrounding the learning: ‘I’m not scientific’, ‘Boys don’t’ like writing’,‘I’ve never been good at languages’

Etc etc.

I could go on with these examples but to make my point, my belief is that, unless there is a physiological interference showing up, we are all able to learn any subject or skill we want to.  However, we need to find a purpose for doing so and then work out the strategies for how to get there. The latter part uses our pre frontal cortex which is brilliant at working out solutions and strategies, the former, awareness of blocks, etc, usually needs some external help to help uncover the hidden truth. 

I think I have illustrated why I believe that coaching can be a life changing experience and if we can offer this to our children when they are young, what a fantastic set of tools you have given them for life. 

Your child will have skills, internal knowledge, independence and maturity. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen.