Fake it Til You Make It – even better, SPOT the trigger and STOP the reaction

If you have ever seen Amy Cuddy’s TED talk about Fake it Til You Make it, you’ll know that she talks about using your body and your somatic resources to enhance any ‘state’ you want to feel. This could be through doing a Power Pose just before a meeting, interview, difficult conversation; through mindfulness you can use your breath to calm yourself which is a similar process. You are effectively pretending to your muscles that you are in a powerful, calm, excited, energetic etc state. The very primal part of our brain will be tricked by this and that will help the more complex part of the brain to access resources and find solutions.

So, these tricks are really effective. However, there’s an even more permanent way of eradicating the need for these tricks.

If you can become more aware of what triggers this unwanted reaction in the first place, bring into consciousness the situations which make your primitive brain panic, you can spot it, stop it and then choose.

Let’s take nervousness before an interview. That nervousness could be about fear of failure. So, if you map across life experiences, in other situations where you fear failure, do you react in the same way? Or when you feel like this in your body is it because you’re fearing failure. Is this your particular pattern?

Now that you’ve spotted this meaning, your sophisticated brain area can begin to challenge this deeper fear – what is failure, who are you worried about letting down, who are you comparing yourself to, what does failure mean etc?

So you see, if you are already at the point of Faking it Til you Make it, you are already running your unhelpful programme……can you take one further step back to spot your trigger?