Forewarned is forearmed

Have you ever heard this expression? It strikes me as rather like my phrase ‘Spot it, Stop it, Choose!’

If you are forewarned you can predict situations which may in the past have ‘triggered’ you, which may have taken you into an emotionally charged state. As I have said before, in emotional states, our brains are flooded with chemicals and hormones like adrenalin and cortisol. These literally block our ability to think logically and objectively. So, if you are not forearmed, you could risk entering into a stuck pattern of behaviour.

Forewarned means being aware of YOUR reaction to someone or something; it is not to say it is a good idea to try to mind read or predict someone else’s behaviour. Or to pre-empt a situation. However, it is to become aware of your responsibility in any situation and to become forearmed, to enable you to think of alternative choices of thought, believe, behaviour before you hit the PLAY button on your unhelpful emotional state. Once the programme is running, it is very hard to retreat. Instead, building your resources beforehand gives you choice.

Who knows, the trigger situation may not even arise after that………and if you think that’s a coincidence, you could be wrong! What you look for usually shows up, so start to choose what you seek.