Infinity Inbox - mindfulness can help de-stress your electronic mail

I've been reading about a new phenomena: Infinity Inboxes

More often than not we are encouraged to keep our inboxes clear, to have a 'zero inbox'. This can be a great habit but also an added stress. Jocelyn K Glei, author of Unsubscribe: How To Kill Email Anxiety, Avoid Distraction and Get Real Work Done suggests that instead of checking your emails constantly you could follow a few simple rules:

1. set times for checking your email instead of constantly checking (some research says that in a working day, the average employee checks 77 times a day)

2. don't press that 'reply to all' button. This will increase traffic in your inbox

3. turn off notifications

4. know that it's ok to ignore some emails and a lot do not need your immediate attention.

The simple fact of non-striving (one of the pillars of mindfulness) to have a zero inbox will immediately take some of the stress out of your working day.

You may have a boss who is not completely on board but even cultivating this habit in your own personal email makes a huge difference; in fact, it can be applied to social media, telephone calls and all of those calls on your attention which seem urgent. Perhaps it is urgent to keep yourself relaxed and concentrated on one thing at a time (OK, OK, I'm working on it!!)