Manifestation or Goal Setting

With so much on the internet and on social media about manifesting, Law of Attraction and with all of the conversations and discussions about whether this really works, it strikes me that manifestation is akin to goal setting.

The idea of manifesting is that you write down what it is you really want, it's very powerful to write it down as research shows (taps into a whole other sensory experience), and then you sink down into your sense of how this desire FEELS. Also, what does it look like, sound like, smell like, feel like. Moreover what does that MEAN to you.  I am simplifying and manifesting is actually very involved which is why so many people find it beneficial - true manifestation takes action.

However, it's the selling pitch which may come across as: 'if you 100% believe this with no element of doubt, it will come true. If it doesn't, you clearly didn't believe'. Does this mean that I can walk in to my garden and believe that there are no weeds and 'tad-ah' there will no longer be weeds? I don't believe that.

What I do believe is that if I want something: a weed-free garden, to be an actor, a writer and if I then really sink into what that would mean to me and what it would actually feel like in my body; if I feel all of those elements and if I can imagine what all of my senses would tell me once I achieve my goal, if I am honest about my reasons for wanting to achieve, then I will be way more likely to focus on the outcome and work out a plan of what to do.

This process is what we do as coaches, is it not goal setting? In my coaching, the somatic clues and learning that we hold underneath our language are highly informative and so I help my clients to use these to help us him or her know where he/she is going. Let's face it, if you want to go on a beach holiday, the image of sunbathing and the picture you can create of how that will be and what your body will feel is very different to a skiing holiday. If you try to imagine one of those now, you may well have started to imagine a whole scene and you will know which one you would choose. With goals, at times, we forget to really feel into what the end point will be.

In NLP we use a technique called a Timeline to help this process and it seems to me, this is quite similar to manifestation: picture it, feel it, focus on it and you will find the way to get there.