OMG – I’ve just done what I plan to write about. Here I was, thinking I would write a quick blog about procrastination and what happened? I allowed myself to become distracted by emails, messages etc.

Procrastination isn’t laziness, it’s a choice to put off some jobs and do other things instead. As with most of my writing, here again you will see that my emphasis will be on AWARENESS. You see, the example of me putting off writing is perfect. This is not an unpleasant thing to do and yet I have a whole hidden meaning around it, deeply in my unconscious….until now!

I made the activity a chore and something I have to do; I also know that it is a piece of writing that I will then put out into the virtual world and thus, it will be subject to judgement of others. Ah ha, now I know that, does it change things? It certainly does!

As I sit writing now, I am changing the story. I have changed (literally in the last 2 minutes) how I am thinking about that judgement and about that task. Purely by raising my awareness, I can now change my internal dialogue. Now, I am aware that people may judge my words but I have the perspective to tell myself ‘that’s ok’. I also realise that I am choosing to write blogs and make videos etc, and therefore, this is my choice and not really a chore. If I want to be organised about it, I can or if I do things as I feel them, I can.

If I am putting off a task in my contractual job, that may be different and I may perceive it as ‘being told what to do’, ‘unnecessary in my opinion’, ‘boring’ etc. However, once I realise that there is an underlying belief, I can change that thought……or just get on with it anyway.

The result of all of this – I get jobs done, I take action, I can change the thoughts or the tasks, or even change the job.