What kind of a state are you in right now? (some describe this as your mood, energy, feeling). How would you describe what you are feeling, what does it feel like in your body, what internal dialogue is going on inside you?

State is very important and can direct your outlook on life, be it the next task, how you enjoy or don’t enjoy your next social interaction, how you sleep. People who seem very confident, happy, sociable etc, they haven’t just arrived like this, they have practised in order for it to become easy to switch on. The great news is, it is actually quite easy to change your state and utilise it. Your physiology has all of the resources it needs and your brain holds all of the memories to recreate whatever state you like.

For example, let’s say you are about to give a presentation or complete an exam. You want to recreate a time when you felt really confident, so think back to a time when you have felt your most confident. Go on, picture it in your mind, hear what was around you, remember how your body felt and what your internal dialogue was (‘you’ve got this’, ‘you are really good at this’, ‘well done you’). Feel your body begin to embody those emotions once more, whether it was scoring a goal, being brave, learning to ride a bike, showing off a new pair of jeans. Now breathe into them, make the picture bigger and brighter, hear those confident noises louder and let your body enjoy it sensations.

Now, you have just tricked your brain into a confident state. If your body leads, your mind will follow and vice versa. It’s an NLP and cognitive behavioural technique which may just be enough of a tweak to kick start the confident system. From here, notice how the thing you wanted confidence for feels. Notice the difference?

(if you have just read this and aren’t yet inclined to try it, as a small experiment, try smiling a big smile and saying the words ‘I’m miserable’. Not so convincing is it, or the other way round, sad face and say ‘I’m ecstatic!’)

If you spot your current state and want to change it for another…….