What do kids get out of coaching…..and what do the parents get too?

As a carer or a parent, have you ever had times when you’ve been worried about your child, about their stress levels, their behaviour, their way of presenting themselves to the world? And as an adult in their lives, have you ever found yourself frustrated that you don’t seem to be able to reach them, reason with them, understand them or even have a decent conversation with them?

It’s not just adults who benefit from having a coach by their side to help them to get the life they want. The earlier we have a trusted person by our sides who is unconnected to our day to day, family life, the better! The same way as it would be great to have a personal trainer or personal chef to give us that perfect body balance, our mental health, resilience, assertiveness, confidence and motivation are all enhanced by a coach.

Growing up is a life long process and yet most of us wait until we’ve got well embedded unhelpful patterns to unpick before we seek an expert to help us to do just that. How cool would it be to have time out and the benefit of coaching even from childhood; wouldn’t it be wonderful to face the teen years with more awareness of what is really going on in our brains, what our drivers are; so useful to use that awareness to make more informed choices.

I help my young clients to:

· Get their behaviour and outlook back on track

· Improve the family dynamic and make it work for all

· Talk about embarrassing issues which you’d never discuss with family

· Encourage a more successful work ethic

· Unleash potential and set goals to reach it.

The young people I coach are amazing: they get it! They are quick to understand when I explain how their brain functions, I help them to find the underlying meaning behind their behaviours and when they can couple that with compelling motivation in life, they put the two together and make significant changes, helpful ones. There is so much wisdom in youth, it’s true. We only have to help to access it.

NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) uncovers hidden beliefs and patterns of behaviour, it can be quite playful and uses a person’s senses to heighten the awareness of what is going on in the body and the mind. It works so beautifully with young people as it can feel more like play, playing with words to help to change their meaning and make them useful anchors in any situation. If I want to feel capable, I want to know how that feels in my body, enhance it and then learn how to access that state whenever and wherever I choose it.

Children and teens have so much going on with so many different influences. Give them the time to explore how they want to be in the world and the gift lasts a lifetime.