What's your Intention?

What’s your intention? Do you ever even think about what it is or do you just switch on that autopilot first thing in the morning and start flying? Why are you doing what you do, I mean everything you do?

Intention, from the word Intend, from the Latin tendere meaning stretch or tend. Looking at the word’s origin makes so much sense. Changing the language around, what are you tending or stretching with each interaction, situation, activity? This means more to me and fits beautifully with a more mindful life of staying present?

All too often I have spent my life tending the activities which have kept me maintaining a status quo in my life and, more than that, haven’t being intentionally doing anything. I have certainly been making choices and working according to an unconscious plan for life but without intention it was just ‘ticking over’ (or in my case, rushing forward).

A few months ago, during a training session, my mentor introduced me to the concept of setting an intention for every session I have with a client. What a difference! By setting my intention I was able to help my client even more, I easily helped to maintain the focus of conversations and I became less distracted by the conscious narratives that my client was telling, instead I could focus on listening to the unconscious meaning of communication and thus tune in to the person’s underlying blocks.

When I realised the power of setting this intent, deciding to tend to something in particular or to stretch myself, the results showed up. My clients gained clarity and were clearer on their paths, their responsibility, their goals, their fears, whatever it was they needed, this seemed to come to their conscious much more easily. That was their work of course but I could help them by setting my intention. It seems so easy.

Then I thought, ‘well, if I can make such a difference in my work through this practice, perhaps I can do that for every interaction’. So now I set an intention for most things: phone calls, friends to dinner, my day, my night’s sleep, parenting conversations, negotiations, communications, even having a shower. (is it to get clean, or relax, enjoy my hair wash or have a sing song). Everything benefits from my new practice and so do I.

My energy now goes to the most helpful place which advances me, I am no longer ticking along or rushing forward, I am growing and making the most of every experience I am blessed with. I am more present and there is, mostly, no sub-plot or agenda (I am human so I have my moments)

Sounds great right, sounds life changing! How do you do it? I know, I know, it must be a very complex set of instructions to have such results. Nope, all you do is either mentally, or ideally also with a pen and paper, before you embark upon any task, action or communication, write down a word or two. ‘enjoyment’, ‘fun’, ‘make a plan’, ‘find the block’, ‘find motivation’, ‘enjoy the water’, ‘sit in silence’. That is all, not rocket science, all you need is a bit of practice. Try it, make a new habit and watch the results.

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