What the heck is NLP anyway

I always wondered what NLP was and thought it was largely about choosing your words carefully:

"Don't forget your bag" becomes "Remember your bag."

That is a part of it and a good illustration of how your choice of language gives away a huge amount about your unconscious thinking. From birth we have formulated our own unique map of the world. It's beautiful, individual and there to protect you from the unknown and therefore, potentially from fear. Our language gives away our strategies for how we navigate the world. However, this is not the only map and at times our choice of Ordinance Survey may be a little outdated or even unhelpful. Has your map changed recently?

In part, the language you choose will tell the trained NLP practitioner how you are interpreting the world and the messages you are giving yourself. Yep, it almost feels like an external force is 'giving you the instructions'.

Those messages and 'the map' becomes your truth. However, the map is not the territory and there are other routes.

NLP will help you to uncover the blocks to any change you want to make and will give you resources and experiences so that you can generate and choose alternatives.

You have the answers within you but at times, we are fixed on our old paths and cannot see the other, quicker, more mature, direct roads around us.